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Yoho Packaging Adhesives: Innovative Solutions for Secure Packaging

Yoho-528 Customized Water Based Packaging Adhesives

Yoho's Customized Water Based Packaging Adhesives Yoho-528 represent a leap forward in packaging technology. The Yoho-528 series, which includes 528A and 528B, is designed for those seeking an environmentally friendly yet powerful adhesive solution.

Product Features

  • Mixing Ratio: The recommended mixing ratio for Yoho-528 is 5:1 (528A:528B), ensuring optimal performance.

  • Solid Content: With a solid content of 50%±2 for 528A and 45%±2 for 528B, these adhesives offer a strong bond.

  • Viscosity: The viscosity, measured using a Charn Cup No. 3 at 25℃, ranges from 20s to 55s, allowing for easy application.

  • Color: 528A appears as a light orange-yellow viscous liquid, while 528B is a colorless or light yellow liquid, providing options for various packaging aesthetics.

Product Advantages

Yoho-528 adhesives are designed to be low in viscosity, transparent, and possess excellent leveling and wettability. They also feature good solvent release, fast curing speed, and are suitable for a variety of substrates including BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE, and aluminum foil. These adhesives are particularly effective for soft packaging composites used in pharmaceuticals, food, and industrial products. The Yoho-528 series can withstand boiling processes (100℃, 30 minutes), making it suitable for a range of packaging requirements.

Application Instructions

For optimal use, the water content in the solvent should not exceed 500ppm, and the alcohol content should not exceed 200ppm. Substrates must be surface treated to specific dyne levels, and oils must be thoroughly removed from materials like aluminum. The composite substrates should be tested to ensure compatibility and performance before large-scale production.

Yoho-518 Biaxially-Oriented Packaging Adhesives

Yoho-518 is another innovative solvent-based polyurethane adhesive designed to achieve high solid content and low adhesive usage. This product aims to reduce VOC emissions, save on composite costs, and minimize energy consumption and solvent residues in the composite process.

Product Introduction

Yoho-518 adhesive boasts low viscosity, excellent transparency, and good leveling and wettability. It is ideal for use with film materials such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE, and aluminum foil, as well as metallized films like VMCPP and VMPET. This adhesive is suitable for food and industrial packaging composites and can also withstand boiling processes (100℃, 30 minutes, except BOPA/AL).

Instructions for Use

The recommended mixing ratio for Yoho-518 is 5:1 (518A:518B), and the solvent quality must be confirmed before use. The substrates require surface treatment to specified dyne levels, and the adhesive must be mixed correctly for effective application.

Storage and Handling

Both Yoho-528 and Yoho-518 should be stored in a cool, dry place with a shelf life of 9 months. These products are flammable and should be handled according to the provided Material Safety Instruction Manual (MSDS). It is essential to test the adhesives for compatibility and performance before large-scale production.


Yoho Packaging Adhesives, including the Customized Water Based Packaging Adhesives Yoho-528 and Biaxially-Oriented Packaging Adhesives Yoho-518, offer innovative, high-performance solutions for the packaging industry. With a focus on environmental responsibility and efficiency, Yoho adhesives are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern packaging applications while ensuring the safety and integrity of packaged goods.

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