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Biaxially-Oriented Packaging Adhesives Yoho-518

The composite resin 518 has low viscosity, good transparency, good leveling, good wettability, good solvent release, good initial viscosity and fast curing speed
packing:20 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel
  • Yoho-518

Product introduction

Yoho composite resin 518 is a new type of solvent-based polyurethane adhesive, which can achieve high solid and low adhesion, effectively reduce VOCs emissions, save composite costs, reduce energy consumption and solvent residues in composite processes. In the case of no need to update the equipment, the use of dry replicating machine gluing is basically the same as the traditional ordinary polyurethane adhesive, which is more convenient and energy-saving.

The composite resin 518 has low viscosity, good transparency, good leveling, good wettability, good solvent release, good initial viscosity and fast curing speed

It can be used in film (BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE), aluminum foil (AL) and aluminized film (VMCPP, VMCPP, etc.).

Composite between VMPET, widely used in food, industrial categories, etc

Flexible packaging composite. 518 can be boiled (100℃, 30 minutes, except BOPA/AL).


Instructions for use

1, diluent: dilute the water content of the solvent should not exceed 500ppm (5 parts per thousand), alcohol content should not exceed 200ppm (2 parts per thousand). When the quality of the solvent can not be determined, it must be tested to confirm the quality before use.

2, the ratio: the recommended ratio of this product is 5:1(518A:518B), under special circumstances after testing, the ratio of B components can be adjusted appropriately.

3, mixing method: First add the appropriate amount of solvent to component A, stir at A uniform speed clockwise, and then add component B to the diluted component A solution, stir at a uniform speed clockwise for 3-5 minutes.

4, the requirements for composite substrates: composite substrates need to be surface treated. BOPP, CPP, PE requirements up to 38 dyne; BOPET reached 50 dynes and BOPA reached 52 dynes. AL must ensure that the oil removal is clean, and the oil pollution level is class A; The non-double-sided BOPET and BOPA can not be combined on both sides, otherwise the peeling strength of the non-corona surface can not be guaranteed.

5、Dilution reference table(25℃)(kg)                     6、Working concentration-viscosity curve (Charn Cup No. 3, 25℃):

Component A

Component B


Working concentration

Viscosity (Charn Cup 3

Number, 25 ° C)



















The adjusted viscosity values in this table are obtained from randomly selected batches.


7. Coating: the leveling property of Unienergy composite resin 518 is very excellent, and the glue can be coated with a high wire roll, and the wet glue transfer rate of the wire roll is recommended to be 5.5 g ~ 8 g; Different working concentrations can be adjusted according to different material structures and printing films, no matter what kind of working concentration coating is taken, it is necessary to test the wet glue transfer amount of the network cable roll many times to accurately control the amount of glue on the dry base.

8, the amount of glue on the dry base: Unienergy composite resin 518 adopts the company's proprietary self-crosslinking technology, can achieve a stable peel strength with a low amount of glue, it is recommended that the general dry base

The glue content is 1.4 ~ 2.8 grams. In actual operation, the appropriate amount of glue on the dry base can be determined by testing according to the type of composite substrate, printing area and ink performance.

9, drying: Ulidonergy composite resin 518 has excellent solvent discharge performance, drying process setting can be referred to ordinary solvent-based polyurethane adhesive.

10, curing: generally around 45-55℃ curing 24 to 72 hours and fully cooled after the next process can be processed.

11. Use and storage time: The prepared solution can be used after being stored in a closed container for 6 hours to test the performance of the adhesive liquid without abnormality, under high temperature and high humidity conditions (temperature >28℃, humidity

>60%) Recommended to use within 2 hours. The remaining glue solution that has not been used up on that day shall be sealed and stored at low temperature (temperature 0 ~ 5℃), and the storage time shall not exceed 12 hours; Before using the remaining glue again, make sure that the quality of the solution has not changed, and add new glue according to the proportion of not more than 10%.

12. Special Note:

① The universal composite resin 518 has excellent composite strength and large stress, and different degrees of aluminum plating transfer may occur when the composite VMPET or VMCPP, which needs to be tested for suitability before mass production. The company (aluminum plating film special) composite ordinary aluminum plating film effect is better. Common VMPET should not be used in composite zipper bags and other products that require aluminum film transfer.

(2) Ulidoenergy composite resin 518 is a new solvent-based polyurethane dry composite adhesive, for PE film slipping agent precipitation has been significantly improved, but it is still not recommended to use high smooth PE, as when the use of polyether containing solvent-free adhesive, can not be solvent-free special PE for 518 dry composite, in order to prevent the precipitation of additives, affecting the peel strength.

③ Some of the food packaging bags contain preservatives such as ethyl maltol or antioxidants, the amount of such substances added is not fixed, strong permeability, and will destroy the molecular structure of the adhesive, the composite quality of such bags our company does not make a commitment.

④ In high temperature and humidity weather, as well as composite aluminum foil, it is recommended to increase the proportion of B component and the amount of glue on the dry base.

⑤ When printing film with high barrier materials, pay attention to prevent high boiling point slow drying solvent residue in the printing film from being too high, resulting in bubbles after heat, pay special attention to observing shallow screen printing or gold, silver, fluorescent ink and other special ink positions;

13, film additives, film pretreatment and coating, printing process, composite industry, as well as the contents of the packaging will have an impact on the final performance of the composite product, in the large mold production, it is recommended to carry out sample testing and related testing to confirm. Our company will provide "Unipower composite resin 518 special friendly tips" according to the market use situation, please refer to it carefully.

Packing specification

Unienergy composite resin 518A components 20 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel

Unipolyenergy composite resin 518B components 4 kg/barrel

Storage and shelf life

The resin 518 is stored in a cool and dry place and has a shelf life of 9 months.

Important statement

1, this product is flammable and dangerous goods, non-professional personnel do not operate, please follow the "Material safety manual" (MSDS) provided by our company and the country

Flammable and dangerous goods operation requirements.

2, the company is only responsible for the quality problems of the product itself; Due to the use of composite products environment (temperature/humidity), material changes, use methods and process errors

We are not responsible for any loss caused by poor or equipment. Nor shall it be liable for other consequential losses arising therefrom. Therefore, we solemnly declare that the company does not assume any responsibility for the final suitability of the products. Before batch use, please be sure to test and confirm the applicability and use process of Unienergy composite resin, and strictly implement the first piece inspection system. If you do not accept this statement, please return this product in its original form.

3. The above instructions are only based on our existing cognitive and laboratory data, and are for customers' reference only. If in doubt, please consult me

The surgeon.

4. No employee of the Company has the right to waive this statement.

5. The products or technical information of Unienergy composite resin may be adjusted or modified without notice. Welcome to visit our company website or telephone consultation, pay attention to more

More relevant information.

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Yoho composite resin 528 has the characteristics of low viscosity, good transparency, good leveling, good wettability, good solvent release, fast curing speed, etc.
It can be applied to the composite between film (BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE) and aluminized film (VMCPP, VMPET), aluminum foil (AL) and paper, and can be widely used in soft packaging composite of drugs, food, industrial products, etc. 528 can be boiled (100℃, 30 minutes).
The composite resin 518 has low viscosity, good transparency, good leveling, good wettability, good solvent release, good initial viscosity and fast curing speed
packing:20 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel
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