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Flame Retardant for PVC Cables And Wires

Yoho Flame Retardant for PVC Cables And Wires: Ensuring Electrical Safety

Yoho's Flame Retardant for PVC Cables And Wires category is dedicated to providing top-tier fire safety solutions specifically designed for the electrical industry. These products are formulated to enhance the flame resistance of PVC-insulated cables and wires, which are integral to residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems.

Key Features of Yoho Flame Retardant for PVC Cables And Wires

Specialized Formulations for PVC

Our flame retardants, including the High Quality Flame Retardant Yoho-606 and Yoho-605, are crafted with PVC applications in mind. These products are designed to be compatible with PVC compounds, ensuring that cables and wires retain their flexibility, durability, and fire resistance after treatment.

PU Foam Applications

Recognizing the diverse needs of the industry, Yoho also offers Flame Retardant Yoho-609 and Yoho-608 for PU foam. These products are suitable for enhancing the fire safety of polyurethane foam used in insulation and other applications where flame retardancy is critical.

Rubber Enhancements

The Flame Retardant for Rubbers Yoho-606 and Yoho-692 extend our fire safety solutions to rubber materials. These flame retardants are ideal for rubber components that are part of or adjacent to electrical systems, providing an additional layer of protection where it's needed.

High-Quality and Reliable

Yoho is committed to delivering high-quality flame retardants that consistently perform to the highest standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry regulations and provide reliable protection against fire hazards.

Easy Integration

Our flame retardants are designed for easy integration into the manufacturing process of PVC cables and wires. This seamless incorporation ensures that the flame retardant properties are evenly distributed throughout the material, offering comprehensive protection.


Yoho's Flame Retardant for PVC Cables And Wires products are essential for any electrical system that prioritizes safety and compliance. By enhancing the fire resistance of PVC insulation, Yoho helps prevent the spread of fire, protecting both property and lives. With our specialized and high-quality flame retardants, manufacturers can trust in the durability and effectiveness of their cables and wires in the face of fire risks.

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