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Flame Retardant for Fabric

Yoho Flame Retardant for Fabric: Advanced Safety for Textiles

Yoho's Flame Retardant for Fabric category encompasses a comprehensive suite of products designed to enhance the fire safety of a wide array of textile materials. From everyday apparel to specialized industrial fabrics, Yoho's flame retardants provide effective protection against the dangers of fire, ensuring compliance with safety standards and peace of mind for consumers and manufacturers alike.

Key Features of Yoho Flame Retardant for Fabric

Versatile Range for Diverse Fabrics

Our product lineup, including Flame Retardant Yoho-603 for Wool, Polyester, Acrylic, and Cellulose, and Flame Retardant Yoho-6516 for Furniture, Wallpaper, and Curtains, caters to a broad spectrum of fabrics. Whether it's synthetic fibers like nylon or natural fibers like wool, Yoho's flame retardants are tailored to maintain the fabric's integrity while imparting essential fire-resistant properties.

Specialized Solutions for Industry Needs

Yoho offers specialized flame retardants for applications such as Chemical Fibers, Non-woven Fabrics, Carpets, and Leather. These products are engineered to meet the unique fire safety requirements of each material, ensuring that they perform optimally in their specific applications.

Additives for Enhanced Fire Protection

Our Flame Retardant for Fabric Additives, such as Yoho-620 and Yoho-630, are designed to be integrated into the fabric manufacturing process, providing a seamless fire-resistant treatment that becomes an intrinsic part of the fabric's structure.

Non-Woven Fabric Flame Retardants

The Non Woven Fabric Flame Retardant Yoho-601 exemplifies our commitment to providing solutions for non-woven materials, which are commonly used in various commercial and consumer products. This product ensures that non-woven fabrics achieve the necessary flame retardancy without altering their physical characteristics.

Durable and Fireproof Options

For applications requiring long-lasting fire protection, our Durable Flame Retardant Yoho-616 and Fireproof Flame Retardant Yoho-623 offer robust solutions. These products are formulated to withstand repeated laundering and use, ensuring that the flame retardant properties remain effective over time.


Yoho's Flame Retardant for Fabric products represent the forefront of textile safety technology. With a focus on versatility, specialized treatment, and durability, our flame retardants are the ideal choice for manufacturers and consumers seeking to enhance the fire resistance of their fabrics. Yoho ensures that safety never goes out of style, providing flame retardant solutions that are as reliable as they are essential.

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