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Flame Retardant for Woods

Yoho Flame Retardant for Woods: Comprehensive Fire Safety for Timber Products

Yoho's Flame Retardant for Woods category is specifically formulated to address the fire safety concerns associated with wooden materials used in various applications. This category includes products that are designed to enhance the natural beauty of wood while providing an effective flame retardant treatment.

Key Features of Yoho Flame Retardant for Woods

Flame Retardant for Woods Yoho-602

Yoho-602 is a premier flame retardant solution tailored for the protection of wood surfaces. It is engineered to deeply penetrate the wood, imparting a fire-resistant shield that significantly reduces the risk of ignition and flame spread. This product is ideal for a wide range of wood applications, including construction materials, furniture, and decorative wooden elements. With Yoho-602, wood retains its aesthetic appeal while gaining enhanced safety properties.

Flame Retardant for Adhesives And Architectural Coating

In addition to wood-specific treatments, Yoho offers flame retardants for adhesives and architectural coatings. These products are designed to be integrated into the adhesives and coatings used in woodworking and construction, providing an additional layer of fire protection. They ensure that the structural and decorative aspects of a wooden project are not only durable and visually pleasing but also meet fire safety standards.


Yoho's Flame Retardant for Woods category offers a dual approach to fire safety in wood applications. By providing both direct wood treatments and enhancements for related adhesives and coatings, Yoho ensures comprehensive protection for timber products. These flame retardant solutions are essential for maintaining the integrity and longevity of wood in any environment where fire risk is a concern. With Yoho, you can trust that your wood-based projects are not only beautiful but also built with safety in mind.

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